Utility Payment Methods

We accept checks, money orders, and most major credit or debit cards.  Payment can be made during our office hours Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (closed 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm for lunch), by mail, bank draft, online, or by phone.  A 3% convenience fee is added for credit and debit card payments and is collected by the card processing company.

A secure drop box is located beside the front door for payments made after hours. The box is checked daily during the work week. Please be sure payment is secured in an envelope with proper account information.

Mail Payments

Enclose your bill stub and check or money order and mail to the Town of Tunica, P. O. Box 395, Tunica, MS  38676.  To ensure payment is correctly processed, please make checks payable to the Town of Tunica and include your account number(s) on the check or money order.

Payment by Bank Draft

Bank drafts are processed on the 15th of each month.  Customers are able to view their bill before it is drafted. To set up an account to be paid by bank draft, a voided check that includes the bank’s routing number, account number, and contact information is needed.

Bank Draft Authorization Form

Online Payment

You will be required to enter the account number, address, phone number, and email address to process the payment. A receipt will be sent to the email address or via text to the number provided. Your account number is located in the top right portion of your water bill. It will be a 9-digit number beginning with 0. Ex: 01-1234567. Do not include the “-“.   A 3% convenience fee will be added and collected by the card processing company.

Online Payment Portal

You may also pay your deposit, transfer, or reconnect fee online.  Click to go to the utility fees online payment portal. 

Phone Payment

Call toll-free (877) 876-1059 to make a payment with a   credit or debit card. Call Center hours are Mon-Fri 8:00 am-7:00 pm and Sat 9:00 am-2:00 pm (CST). You will need the 9-digit account number to make a payment. A 3% convenience fee will be added and collected by the card processing company.

To start new service:

**These are required at the time of starting new service. Water will not be turned on until all requirements are met.

  1. Valid Picture ID
  2. Deposit:
    • $100.00 for rental customers
    • $50.00 for home/property owners
  3. A valid and current copy of the lease or homeowners document.

If you have a past due balance in bad debt, it must be paid in full to have the water turned on.

Water will be turned on within 24 hours of the request. Someone should be present for turn on in case of an open faucet. If the meter is spinning when turned on and no one is present, we are required to turn the meter off. The meter will not be locked, and it will be the customer’s responsibility to turn the meter to the on position. A door hanger will notify the customer in this case. Any request for new service after 3:00 pm Monday - Friday will not be processed until the next business day.

Online Payment Portal

To Transfer Service:

Please come to Town Hall to transfer water service a few days before your transfer date. You will be required to show your picture ID. Account information may need to be updated as well as a deposit if the account was established before the year 2000.

  1. Valid Picture ID
  2. Copy of a valid and current copy of the lease or homeowners document.
  3. $25 transfer fee

If a deposit is recorded in customer account information, it will transfer to the new service location.

If a deposit is required, it must be paid in full before the service will be turned on.

Online Payment Portal

To Terminate Service:

A customer may request service to be terminated in Town Hall or by phone. A final reading will be obtained on the date requested or day of request for termination, and a final bill will be calculated. The water meter will be turned off and locked.

A deposit will be refunded if an account is paid in full. A valid picture ID is required if the deposit is picked up in Town Hall.

If no notification is received for termination of service, the customer is responsible for any charges accrued for that account.

Disconnection due to non-payment or compliance:

Any outstanding balance not paid by the 20th of each month will be scheduled for cut-off without further notice.

Once a customer has been added to a cut-off list, and an employee has been dispatched to carry out the order, service to that customer SHALL BE terminated until the account has been paid in full or brought up to the current status, including a $50.00 reconnect fee. If a customer is on the cut-off list, a $50.00 reconnect fee is automatically included to the past-due balance whether or not the town employee has reached that service address.

If you are having trouble paying your water bill or have a high bill due to a leak, please call Town Hall, and we can work out an extension for payment. No more than 2 extensions per year will be granted. Extensions will NOT be granted on the day of the cut-off.

A $50.00 reconnect fee is applied if service is cut off for returned checks or the customer is not in compliance with requests made by the Town of Tunica.

Online Payment Portal